NoonBrew Single Serving Packs


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Now available in Single Serving Packs! Enjoy clean energy and focus all day long and deeper sleep at night with a powerful blend of organic tea, adaptogens and 19 superfoods.

Boost Digestion

Increase Energy

Improve Focus

No jitters no crash

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Delicious Tea With Superfood Powers

“It is absolutely delicious, both warm & cold… AND it works! I’ve only been using it a few days but have already noticed the clean-feeling energy it gives me.” – Lisa E.

All day Energy & Focus

Organic Oolong Tea infused with L-Theanine provides calm, natural energy without the jitters.

Improved Deep Sleep

Lemon Balm and Reishi have been proven in studies to assist with relaxation and better sleep.

Promotes Gut Health

Turmeric, Ginger and Ginseng have all been used for thousands of years to aid in a healthy digestion.

Made By Experts

Formulated by the top acupuncturist in San Francisco, along with top herbal doctors with 3+ decades experience blending superfood teas.

Sugar Free



Dairy Free

Keto Friendly

Gluten Free

Some of The Different Ways to Enjoy NoonBrew

Making NoonBrew is easy - just drop a teaspoon into hot or cold water and enjoy in under 30 seconds.

For The Afternoon Slump

Drink NoonBrew, hot or cold, after lunch to increase your energy & focus - without any jitters

All Natural Pre-Workout

Feel energized while exercising without the anxiety that comes with caffeine-loaded preworkouts

Morning Coffee Alternative

Wake up to smooth energy and focus without the inevitable crash that comes from coffee

How NoonBrew’s Different

Most afternoon drinks are high in caffeine, make you crash, and negatively impact your sleep at night. Here’s how NoonBrew compares:



Low in caffeine, carbs, and sugar

No artificial flavors or sweeteners

Contains 19 powerful superfoods

Ready in under 30 seconds

Cost per day




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