NoonBrew Superfood Matcha

Loaded with 18 superfoods and functional mushrooms, our premium ceremonial grade matcha provides clean energy, sustained focus, and zen-like relaxation all day.

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Matcha Reimagined

You've never tried matcha like this before. We sourced the best tasting matcha and infused it with NoonBrew's blend of relaxing functional mushrooms, blue spirulina, ginseng, and more.

With 10x the antioxidants of green tea and added L-theanine, our Matcha promotes a calm, balanced energy without the heart-racing jitters.




Low Caffeine



Matcha With Superfood Powers

Experience all the great benefits of Matcha along with the powerful effects of our all-star lineup of superfoods.

Calm Energy & Focus

Ceremonial grade Matcha infused with L-Theanine provides zen-like energy and focus for hours

Digestion & Gut Health

Ginger, Ginseng, and Turmeric have all been used for centuries to improve gut health and digestion

Stress & Mood Support

Reishi, Ashwagandha, Chaga and Lemon Balm help relax and decrease mild anxiety

Immunity & Antioxidants

Blue Spiriulina and Cordyceps have potent immunity and antioxidant effects

Delicious Matcha Ready In 30 Seconds

Enjoy your new Matcha iced or hot and easily make lattes, smoothies, and more.


Add 1 teaspoon of Matcha to cup


Add 2 - 3 ounces of hot water and stir until fully dissolved.


Top off with more water or your favorite milk or creamer.

Sharing Love From 100,000+ Customers

Sharing Love From

100,000+ Customers


    OMG. Much better than IBS drugs and happy pills. What a difference in just 1 week. I’m reordering immediately and also making for my husband as soon as my next batch arrives.

    Denice R.


    NoonBrew is my new coffee replacement! When I first purchased this product I was looking for something to help me focus but what I got was clean energy and a clear mind. I love this stuff I no longer drink coffee which was not my intention but NoonBrew is a better way to start my day with no afternoon crashes.

    Anthony A.


    So excited to have a tea-based superfood supplement. NoonBrew or MoonBrew with a splash of cream is a super tasty alternative to the coffee and cacao superfood mushroom drinks I've been using for years! Thank you! Hmm, what to do with the plain tea in my cupboard?

    Irene A.


    I've been using noon brew a few weeks now. After lunch at work I found my energy level and focus drop dramatically. It felt like every afternoon I needed a nap. Since I started noonbrew after lunch the energy and focus is back and I feel like a million bucks!!

    Lesa H.

How Our Matcha is different

Most afternoon drinks are high in caffeine, make you crash, and negatively impact your sleep at night. Here’s how our Superfood Matcha compares:



Contains 18 powerful superfoods

Rich, smooth, and hint of sweetness

No sediments or harsh bitter taste

Includes functional mushroom blend

Added L-theanine for relaxation

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