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Your New Afternoon Ritual

We combined organic tea with 19 natural superfoods to create the best
afternoon drink.
Oolong Tea infused with L-Theanine provides calm, natural energy and boosts metabolism after lunch.*
Turmeric, Ginger, and Ginseng have all been used for thousands of years to aid in a healthy digestion.
Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga help to regulate stress levels and combat long term fatigue.
Maca, Ashwagandha, and Lemon Balm were chosen to lower anxiety, promote deep sleep, and boost focus.
(Ships from San Francisco, California)
*A 2020 Japanese study showed Oolong Tea to increase fat breakdown by 20% and help boost metabolism during sleep. [1]
ADAPTOGENS (a·dapt·o·​gens): herbs and roots that have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions to help the body better handle physical & emotional stress.

What Customers Are Saying


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Nice calm energy
“I was skeptical at first, but I’m really loving Noonbrew. Not only does it get rid of my normal 2pm brain fog but it also helps calm my stress and anxiety too.”
-Laura CVerified Buyer
No caffeine hangover
“Noonbrew is so refreshing for the afternoons, I don’t get the jitters, the focus is unbelievable, and it doesn’t affect my sleep like an afternoon coffee does.”
-Dan R.Verified Buyer
Easy and delicious
“I was blown away by how quickly I felt the difference with noonbrew. Really enjoy the flavor too, it’s very tasty!”
-Sara R.Verified Buyer

How NoonBrew’s Different

Most afternoon drinks are high in caffeine, make you crash, and negatively
impact your sleep at night. Here’s how NoonBrew compares:
Low in caffeine, carbs, and sugar
No artificial flavors or sweeteners
Contains 19 powerful superfoods
Ready in under 30 seconds
Cost per day $1.20 $3.75+

Easy, Quick, and Delicious

Making traditional iced tea can take hours to prepare. With NoonBrew, drop a teaspoon into cold water and enjoy in under 30 seconds.

Fill a glass with 8 - 12 ounces of cold water.
Drop 1 teaspoon of NoonBrew into the water.
Stir, add some ice, and enjoy.

NoonBrew is perfect if...

  • You experience brain fog in the afternoons
  • You don’t have the same energy levels you used to
  • You want to get better sleep at night
  • You don’t like to drink coffee after lunch
  • You want to feel more focused and productive
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Did you know? 70% of people feel fatigued at work and 97% of fatigued workers have reduced productivity.
Meet Andrew & Allan

A Note From The Founders

For as long as we can remember, we ran into the same daily problem - the afternoon slump.

We’d normally just drink another cup of coffee to get through it, but the 2nd cup just wasn’t the same. It’d give us a temporary boost of energy, but would leave us anxious, jittery, and overtime started to negatively impact our sleep at night.

That’s when the idea of NoonBrew came about. We loved a refreshing iced tea and thought, “what if we combined tea with different superfoods, mushrooms, and adaptogens all designed to help us beat the 2pm wall?”

Allan’s background is in herbal medicine and he immediately got to work trying to blend the perfect ingredients for clean energy, calm focus, and digestion support.

After hundreds of test batches, he finally found the winning combination:

  • Ashwagandha, Maca, and L-Theanine for focus, mood-support, and better deep sleep at night
  • Ginger, Turmeric, and Ginseng for a healthier digestion and faster metabolism
  • A mushroom blend of Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane for energy, stamina, and overall immunity
  • Organic Oolong Tea which contains some of the highest polyphenols and antioxidants of any tea

What started as a personal project to help us beat the afternoon slump is now enjoyed by thousands of people every day. We're happy you're here to share this journey with us, and we hope you'll love NoonBrew as much as we do.

Andrew Case & Allan Shen


We offer a 60-day, full money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just email us and we’ll process a refund. No questions asked.

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by Joe Barber Jr
Noonbrew is a life changer
NoonBrew is a life changer! I struggled with drinking a lot of coffee in the morning and throughout the day. The side effects were bad: jitters, anxiety, irritability and trouble falling asleep. That has vanished since changing my routine to a morning coffee and using NoonBrew after that. There is no jitters, actually a calming effect, and increased concentration! I highly recommend NoonBrew to anybody looking to enhance energy and focus while also getting a better night’s sleep!
by Mary Hodgdon
I look forward to my NoonBrew every day…
I look forward to my NoonBrew every day after lunch. I know I can count on it to carry me through the afternoon without that debilitating exhaustion that used to come over me. It tastes good and is a pleasure to drink. I brought a tall tumbler glass to the office to mix it up in and then add a bit of ice. I will definitely be reordering!
by MT
Just what I've been looking for.
Not sure how they do it but it works! I always hit a wall in the afternoon and don't like drinking coffee, or any other hot beverage in the afternoon. This iced tea is the perfect solution, it's like they read my mind or something. It's very refreshing, tastes great with or without lemon, and provides just the amount of pick-me-up that I need without giving any of the coffee jitters. It also doesn't leave you wired at night like coffee can. This stuff works as advertised! I wish the founders of this great product the best of luck!
by Ayrnn Bautista
Feel calm and carry on!
Prior to drinking noon brew daily, I was tired and looking for junk food to carry me through my stressful afternoons. NoonBrew keeps those cravings away and gives me a nice even energy that takes me through the evenings. I used to arrive home feeing lethargic, but now I feel energized and ready to tackle all of the evening chores at home. To top it off, I have an amazing sleep. This stuff will be a staple in my life from here on out. The few days that I didn’t drink it, I could feel the difference. Before I go, the taste is delicious. Just like iced tea.
by Peter Steve
From Sceptic to Lifestyle Staple
I only write reviews on 2 occasions, to warn other consumers or to make sure other consumers know how good a product is. And this is one of those good product scenarios. I'll admit I was sceptical, but noonbrew has a permanent place in my lifestyle. I have no dropoff in energy during the work day, which allows me to transition right from work to working out. Lastly, I'm blown away by how much my sleep has improved. Since I started drinking noonbrew my whoop strap recoveries rarely leave the optimal recovery zone. Huge fan of noonbrew now!
by CoachC
Love all the ingredients
Love all the ingredients! As an endurance athlete, I really appreciate all the benefits. This is great as a nice hot drink, or if iced, it mixes well with any other powders/supplements you may have.
by Chris
Been trying to ween myself off coffee…
Been trying to ween myself off coffee in the afternoon. As a Brit I love tea and this is a perfect refreshing way to go. It takes literally 10 seconds to make with iced water and really perks up my brain and mood. I love the sugarless taste and is a great alternative to Matcha. Give it a try, you'll love the energy without jitters or forced energy.
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