MoonBrew Nightime Tea


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A calming and soothing blend of adaptogens with Chamomile, Rose, and Magnesium to help you catch the ZzZ's and stay asleep. Sleep tight and wake up refreshed.

- 30 Servings of MoonBrew
- Chrome Spoon and intro booklet

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Delicious Tea With Superfood Powers

“I am amazed at how much better I sleep at night with the MoonBrew. I take it about an hour before calling it a night, and I sleep throughout the night.” - Todd S.


Lavender, Jujube Seed, and Spearmint help you fall asleep faster and decreases mild anxiety


Reishi, Turkey Tail, L-Theanine, and Lemon Balm promote a deeper and more restful sleep


Valerian, Chamomile, and Rose improves your quality of deep sleep and aids digestion


Magnesium Glycinate and Threonate help your muscles relax and decreases daytime sleepiness

Caffeine Free

Melatonin Free


Sugar Free


Keto Friendly

How MoonBrew Compares

Sleeping pills & melatonin can leave you groggy, tired in the mornings, and aren’t meant to be taken every night. Here’s how MoonBrew is different:

Sleeping Pills & Melatonin

Made with 14 natural superfoods

No hangover effect the morning after

No dependency & rebound insomnia

Designed for long-term use

Includes magnesium for better sleep

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