The Benefits of Cordyceps: The Brain-Boosting Anti-Inflammation Powerhouse

Cordyceps is a powerhouse fungus with a laundry list of uses.  It has been prized for centuries in Tibet and China and is one of the most famous traditional Chinese medicines.[1]

Though it’s referred to as the cordyceps mushroom, it’s actually a bit stranger than that title suggests.  It occurs through a peculiar union of spore and caterpillar.  

This unlikely pairing ends with the growing fungus slowly consuming the caterpillar.  Though this may seem harsh, the fungus that eventually rises from the mummified caterpillar contains a treasure trove of medicinal properties, valued in some places far more than gold.[2]  

Despite its wild origin story, cordyceps is a highly beneficial fungus worth getting to know.  Read on, and you’ll discover why.

cordyceps in raw and powder form. A natural superfood.

What Are the Benefits of Cordyceps?

Though there are many species of cordyceps (some estimate as high as 1000), two of them have been widely studied, cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps militaris.  These fungi contain many bioactive compounds and demonstrate over 21 clinically approved benefits for human health.[3]

Cordyceps continues to gain credibility as evidence for its health benefits mounts.  Animal studies and a few human trials suggest uses that including it in your diet can reduce muscle fatigue, improve brain function, support the immune system, boost antioxidant activity, improve sexual function, help manage Type 2 Diabetes, as well as potentially treating tuberculosis and cancer.[4]

Though more research is needed, it seems that the deeper we dig into this strange fruit body, the more miraculous it proves to be.  The high esteem cordyceps has maintained for millennia appears well-founded.

How to Take Cordyceps

You can take cordyceps multiple ways, but the traditional method is to make tea.  This hot water extraction helps to make the beneficial compounds more bioavailable.[5]  

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While there are many creative ways to get in your daily cordyceps, we argue that NoonBrew is both the most convenient and most delicious way. Simply mix our NoonBrew powder with water and in minutes you have a beverage that contains cordyceps as well as 18 other incredible superfoods.

Additional ways to consume cordyceps include tinctures and capsules.  As with any supplement, it’s wise to use caution in your selection and if you go the supplement route look for third-party verified products.

When to Take Cordyceps / What’s The Proper Dose?

The reviews are mixed, concerning when the optimal time is to take cordyceps.  Many assert that the morning is ideal for reaping the energy benefits.  

However, any time of day seems to work, but you should aim for consistency when you ingest it.  In terms of dosage, WebMD states that an average adult dose of cordyceps is 3-6g a day.[6] 

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Maybe you want to improve your energy while staving off signs of aging?  Or, perhaps your interests revolve around preventing disease or reversing an existing condition? 

Regardless, Cordyceps seems well poised to help.  With a myriad of benefits and a very low likelihood of negative impact, cordyceps deserves consideration…if optimizing your well-being appeals to you, that is.  


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