The strongest magnesium sleep tea

The best alternative to melatonin and sleeping pills that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Enhances deep sleep
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Superfoods That Cover You From Day To Night

NoonBrew for all day energy and focus


Provides calm, natural energy and focus


Improves gut health and digestion

Lion's Mane

Helps relax and decreases mild anxiety

MoonBrew for better sleep and relaxation


Calms your mind before bed


Enhances sleep quality & muscle relaxation


Leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning

5,000+ 5-Star Reviews

My favorite sleep tea

"I've been drinking MoonBrew before bed for over 6 months and it's completely gotten me off of Melatonin! I absolutely love the taste and how it makes me feel in the mornings."

Natassia M.
bought MoonBrew Rose

Delicious and thirst quenching!

"Not only did it not interfere with my sleep but it improved my focus, mental clarity and gave me a smooth and calm energy. I am now a happy and satisfied customer for life."

Carole S.
bought NoonBrew Peach

Works great!

“MoonBoost combined with MoonBrew has become my nightly tea ritual because it tastes great and is truly relaxing!

Marie E.
bought MoonBrew Extra Strength

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